The secretariat staff is made up of a team of five officers:

Will Fawcett

Will Fawcett is responsible for IMPEL’s Organisational and Operational support. His main tasks are to plan, coordinate and follow up on Board and GA meetings. He supports the Chair and Vice-Chair in their work. He helps draft grant requests and reports in collaboration with Board, Expert Team leads, project and financial officer. He coordinates the Secretariat and links and manages suppliers of goods and services. He also coordinates activities with other relevant Environmental Compliance Networks.


Pinar Topkaya

Pinar Topkaya is in charge of project management. She is responsible for project portfolio and activities oversight and establishing management plans for IMPEL projects. She establishes risk management plans and ensures reporting and control of changes. She supports Expert Teams in establishing their work plans. She ensures timely monitoring and reporting on project progress and drafts technical reports for IMPEL’s grant reporting. She supports project leads for cost control in collaboration with the Finance Officer.

Fotini Stamati

Fotini Stamati is in charge of General administrative support services. She manages the Manifestation of Interest process and members access to the intranet and maintains an updated contact list. She distributes relevant information to National Coordinators, Board, and member organizations. She supports intranet communication from the board, Committees, Projects, and activities to the network. She provides backup for setting up video conferences and registration procedures for IMPEL meetings and manages the IMPEL calendar.

Claudia Wunderlich and Grit Mohr

Grit Mohr and Claudia Wunderlich are the team for Finance Administration and Management. This includes Budgeting, Cost Control, observation of national and international finance regulation, monitoring all financial relevant contracts, preparation and perform internal and external Audits, financial reporting to the legalestive body of IMPEL and also to the EU. Providing the EU with all financial related documentation for grant applications and payment requests, the corresponding negotiation and reporting to the EU and Tax Office are also under the responsibility of the Finance Team, as well as financial HR management support and supporting the organisation in GDPR compliance. 

Eleni Belmpa

Eleni Belmpa is in charge of Travel and Event Management and Support in IMPEL. She is responsible for preparing, organizing and managing IMPEL's virtual and hybrid physical events, including conferences, meetings, and general assemblies. She also develops standardized event components, such as forms, checklists, and model communications, that can be used for all events.

Sophie Moritz

Sophie Moritz has joined IMPEL as a stagiaire for six months from January 2022. She will be involved in various activities and familiarise herself with the role of the network. She will focus on helping to create the new website and working on travel arrangements.


Şenay Arslan is responsible for the dissemination of the IMPEL Project Results. She is working with Project Managers, Expert Team leads and Board in improving the dissemination of project results like guidelines, story books, checklists, handbooks, abstracts, forms, and documents. She supports the studies for developing practical self-teaching, e-learning, and training materials or other tools from IMPEL activity results. Senay also contributes to the development of the IMPEL website to optimize the IMPEL activity results for better suitability as self-teaching, learning, and training materials or other tools.

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