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    Waste and TFS
  • Water and land icon Water and land

    Consciousness of the threat represented by quality and quantity degradation of water resources has increased over the years. As well as problems related to poor management of land and soils. The presence of a number of different administrative and enforcement structures operating in a single thematic area, the need to operate in a defined strategical line set up by framework directives and insufficient evidence, data and information, are reported as major causes for implementation gap. This consequently can endanger the capability of Water Managers in planning adequate interventions.

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  • Cross-cutting tools and approaches icon Cross-cutting tools and approaches

    The X-cutting Expert Team is set-up to support regulatory practitioners who are responsible for the development of systems, processes, procedures and new ways of working. The team is primarily concerned with x-cutting regulatory systems rather than sector specific ones. The aims of the team are: To make regulators more efficient & effective Identify and develop overarching tools to support regulators and the implementation of new regulation To contribute to the development of capacity within member organisations and of a level playing field within Europe To work on the identification and contribution to the solution of specific problems.

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  • Nature protection icon Nature protection

    Halting and reversing the loss of biodiversity by 2020 is a priority within the European Union. The implementation of EU Nature legislation (the Birds and Habitat Directives) is essential to achieve the EU 2020 biodiversity target. However, implementation and enforcement need to be improved. As relatively high number of complaints and infringement procedures related to these nature Directives reach the EC every year, there is a need to strengthen the inspection and enforcement on this item and to do so it is necessary to join forces with other Nature networks in Europe. According to the IMPEL strategy, main areas of interest for nature protection will be covered by the work of the Green Expert Team. This approach has been envisaged as more efficient to deal with new perspectives in European Nature Legislation Implementation: it will permit a focalized approach to nature conservation issues and steady and structured dialogue among nature experts between authorities, other important networks like network of prosecutors, network of judges, NGO’s and scientific institutes. The overall objective of the Green Expert Team is to contribute to strengthening the implementation of EU Nature legislation through raise awareness, extend the network of green experts, exchange best practices, strengthen collaboration with EU network from prosecutors and network form judges, strengthen collaboration and share knowledge with NGO’s, improve co-operation between (enforcement) experts and to organise joint inspections. IMPEL is willing to combine the effort of all the networks, NGO’s and use its experience in inspection and enforcement to determine projects and activities that add value in the chain of regulation- permit and inspection- enforcement- prosecution- verdict- evaluation of effectiveness of legislation.

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  • Waste and TFS icon Waste and TFS

    Tags: Waste and TFS

    The scope of the Waste and TFS Expert Team is on the practical implementation and enforcement of international and European Waste Shipment and Waste Management rules. The aim of the network is to promote compliance with the European Waste Shipment Regulation and Waste Management Directives through enforcement, to carry out joint enforcement projects, to promote exchange of knowledge, best practices and experience with the enforcement of the regulations and directives and to stimulate a uniform enforcement regime. This is done by awareness raising and capacity building activities, facilitating inter-agency and cross-border collaboration and operational enforcement activities. Members of the cluster represent environmental authorities, but also customs and police services and other authorities that play a role in the enforcement of the transfrontier shipments and management of waste.

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  • Industry and air icon Industry and air

    Expert Team ‘Industry and Air’ will mainly focus on the practical implementation and enforcement of Industry related pieces of legislation. In this area the key Directive is the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU (IED), which replaces the IPPC Directive and seven sectoral directives as of 7 January 2013,. Beside that the Air Quality Directive is of special interest for the Expert Team because of its close connection to air emissions. Another piece of legislation concerns the Seveso Directive on the control of major industrial accidents.

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