• IMPEL Waste Management and Circular Economy Project held a training session in Bucharest

    13 Oct, 2023

    On 4–6 of October, a three-day training session took place, in Bucharest, Romania, organised within the umbrella of the IMPEL project “Waste Management and Circular Economy”. The meeting was attended my 25 environmental experts (mainly inspectors and permit writers) from different countries and from Romania. In addition, over 60 IMPEL members attended online.

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  • REACH Regulation and Circular Economy Guideline is now available

    12 Oct, 2023

    In order to promote circular economy, the concepts of ‘by-product’ and ‘End-of-Waste’ are highly relevant. REACH does not apply to waste. But REACH does apply to by-products and end-of-waste.

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  • IMPEL Implementation of the Bird and Habitat Directives at European Aerodromes Project made aerodrome visits in Denmark

    05 Oct, 2023

    Aerodromes cover a significant part of Europe, scattered all over the continent, hosting a wide variety of Europe’s plant and animal species. Some of these animals, especially the heavy and/or flocking species of birds, are one of the major hazards for aviation. When colliding with aircraft (aircraft – wildlife collision), the birds and other animals may jeopardize the safety of aircraft, its crew and passengers (and people living in the vicinity of aerodromes and beyond).

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  • Final statement - 4 Networks Conference

    04 Oct, 2023

    The Four Networks, IMPEL - European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law, EUFJE - The European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment, ENPE - European Network of Prosecutors for the Environment, and EnviCrimeNet, have today released a statement following the successful 4 Networks Conference, held in Rome last week. The statement focusses on 5 key topics that the networks consider critical in tackling environmental crimes, namely: new techniques to prevent and detect environmental offences the need for administrative and criminal law enforcement to complement each other. making environmental crime unprofitable. assessing, remediating and compensating for the damage incurred. measuring enforcement results.

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  • 4 Networks Conference Starts Tomorrow!

    27 Sep, 2023

    It is almost time for the first 4 Networks Conference to be held in person since 2017! The event starts tomorrow and brings together over 400 participants from relevant authorities and members of the 4 Networks, IMPEL, EUFJE, ENPE and EnviCrimeNet. The aim of the conference is to debate joint efforts to fight environmental crime.

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  • Trend reversal in groundwater pollution mini-conference was held in Frankfurt

    27 Sep, 2023

    Trend reversal difficult, but not impossible On 4 September 2023, the IMPEL project “Trend reversal in groundwater pollution” held a mini-conference in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). 29 administrative and scientific experts from seven countries (Germany, Albania, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania and the United Kingdom) discussed the pollution of groundwater by nitrate, pesticides, salt and other harmful substances from diffuse sources, and the best practices how to reverse negative trends. Experiences with different policies and instruments, especially in Denmark, the UK and Germany, were compared and the diverse views of regulators, water suppliers and farm consultants exchanged.

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  • Results of IMPEL Water and Land Remediation Project were presented at AquaConSoil 2023

    14 Sep, 2023

    Water and Land Remediation Project Manager Marco Falconi attended the AquaConSoil 2023 Conference that is taking place in Prague from 11 to 15 September 2023. Marco Falconi presented the results of IMPEL Water and Land Remediation Project at the Conference on 13 September 2023 under TOPIC 3: Sustainable remediation, emerging contaminants and prevention towards zero pollution.

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