• The use of drones in the surveillance of illegal water abstraction

    31 Oct, 2022

    The IMPEL Tackling Illegal Drilling and Abstraction project team (IMPEL TIGDA) would like to thank General Inspection of Agriculture, the Sea, the Environment and Spatial Planning (IGAMAOT) for hosting in Lisbon the recent project team meeting on the 13th and 14th of October. Project team especially grateful to Ana Garcia, Mário Gracio and Aline Silva from IGAMAOT.

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  • IMPEL Ship Recycling Project

    26 Oct, 2022

    The IMPEL Ship Recycling project aims to improve the collaboration between environmental and maritime authorities involved in this field. Different EU legislation and related competences make implementation, supervision and enforcement challenging. To preventing illegal shipments guidance material for authorities and other stakeholders involved will be developed and capacity building for inspectors and other stakeholders is organized. Also, the cooperation with other institutions, agencies, networks within and outside the EU as with non-governmental bodies will be explored.

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  • Trend Reversal in Groundwater Pollution project meeting was held on 11th October

    19 Oct, 2022

    In association with the IMPEL Water & Land Conference in Lisbon, the IMPEL project group on „Trend reversal in groundwater pollution“ held its final meeting for 2022 on 11 October.

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  • A Guide for Inspectors: Enforcing National Legislation on Plastic Waste Shipments

    13 Oct, 2022

    A Guide for Inspectors: Enforcing National Legislation on Plastic Waste Shipments provides guidance on enforcing national legislation on shipments of plastic waste. The Guide provides a summary of the changes to the Basel Convention regarding plastic waste that have applied since January 2021 and lists the plastic waste types that inspectors are most likely to encounter. It also assists with the selection of the most appropriate waste classification codes and includes a series of

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  • IMPEL Water and Land Conference 2022

    11 Oct, 2022

    IMPEL Water and Land Conference 2022 held in Lisbon, 11-12 October 2022

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  • EUROPE MTT Tender - Closing date 31 October 2022

    10 Oct, 2022

    Project tender for a service provider

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  • Results of Water and Land Remediation Project were presented at REMEDy Conference in Warsaw

    05 Oct, 2022

    Water and Land Expert Team Leader Marco Falconi presented the reports of Water and Land Remediation Project for the application of in situ technologies for the remediation activities at REMEDy Conference in Warsaw on 28 September 2022.

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  • Implementation Challenges 2021 Report is now available

    04 Oct, 2022

    The purpose of the Implementation Challenge is to identify challenges in the implementation of EU Environmental Law as well as barriers to its enforcement. Implementation Challenge 2021 Report follows on from a survey that was open to those who implement environmental law in Europe.

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  • EU Forum of Judges for the Environment

    26 Aug, 2022

    Hiring a network manager

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  • Tender for NPRI Project

    25 Jul, 2022

    The IMPEL National Peer Review Initiative (NPRI) Phase IV Project aims to build autonomous capacity in Peer Review performing. Consequently IMPEL, for the needs of the NPRI Phase IV Project, is looking for a service provider.

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