Climate Emergency Umbrella Programme



Project description and aims

The declaration of a climate emergency (as well as an increasing awareness of the impact of plastic, biodiversity decline and now the impacts of a global pandemic & potential green recovery) are having a profound impact on policy, how we regulate and on those that we regulate.  The pressures to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, the reduction of carbon or supporting green recovery are increasing yet few regulators have the correct tools to begin to tackle these issues.  This programme hopes to tackle these issues by designing tools and approaches that regulators can use to meet these emerging challenges. It is proposed that a programme of work is established that will cover the period 2021-2024.

The work will be organised in six initial themes although many of these areas are inter-related so the distinction is somewhat arbitrary.

  1. Green transition;
  2. Regulators as exemplars;
  3. Partnership working;
  4. Regulatory framework;
  5. Technology; and
  6. Approaches

Number: 2021/17 – Status: Ongoing – Period: 2021 – Topic: Cross-cutting tools and approaches - Tags:

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