Implementation of the iDepend decision support tool

2015 - 2015


Project description and aims

The complex and interdependent nature of the environment, business and regulation means conventional methods of analysing environmental risks and choosing appropriate ‘counter measures’, or ‘interventions’, may not be effective.

The Choosing Appropriate Interventions project has developed a practical tool for regulators, inspectorates and inspectors to help them make the right choice of intervention and share good practice and experience.

In 2013, the project identified an online (web based) decision support tool called iDepend to help practitioners choose, use and evaluate interventions. It then worked with the owners of the tool, Cambrensis, to develop a ‘bundle’ of features for IMPEL members – ‘IMPEL iDepend’.

This tool can help environmental practitioners to make the right decisions and choose interventions at any level of decision making from national policy to local site based regulation. It can be particularly helpful in making decisions on building capacity that depend on different sets of circumstances. For example to help design a regulatory regime and select interventions according to national resources and culture. Or to help identify ‘problem’ areas where existing regimes and interventions are not working as intended.

 Training: Webinar

iDepend Modelling Toolfrom Duncan Giddens


Number: 2015/18 – Status: Completed – Period: 2015 - 2015 – Topic: Cross-cutting tools and approaches - Tags:

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