Joint Network for wild Fungi (JoNeF)



Project description and aims

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the necessity of integrating Fungi (macrofungi) into European environmental policies on a par with Animals and Plants, in order to protect them in their natural habitats. 

Despite that, currently European environmental legislation focuses on protect plants and animals excluding Fungi, which are essential components of terrestrial habitats. Moreover, macrofungi can be used as indicators to describe the environmental conditions of forests and other terrestrial habitats. 

In order to fill this gap, Fungi should be incorporated into law-making and decision-making processes and in conservation and environmental initiatives, to create a comprehensive conservation strategy. 

In this context, the first step is to collect existing data of macrofungi in EU and to establish common census/monitoring protocols and standards, as well as the ones existing for plants and animals. 

We believe it is fundamental that environmental bodies coordinate these activities without leaving it only in the hands of associations, private entities and Universities. 

The overall aim of the project work is to support: 

  • Extension of the scope of the existing European environmental legislation with fungi in relation to monitoring of habitats and biodiversity and protecting/restoring forests 
  • Integration of fungal species in the Annex of Habitats Directive 
  • Development of an EU Database Platform for monitoring of macrofungi 

The expected outcomes of the first phase of the project (in the period July 2023 – December 2024) are established EU common standards and protocols for macrofungi census and monitoring. 

JoNeF Questionnaire-based Survey

We kindly ask you to fill the on-line questionnaire below related to the IMPEL project Joint Network for wild Fungi (JoNeF).

JoNeF Questionnaire/ Part 1

JoNeF Questionnaire/ Part 2

The purpose of the JoNeF Questionnaire-based Survey is to collect, compare and analyze information and data on European macrofungi conservation and data collection.

JoNeF project members and mycology experts who are not active members can answer the questionnaire.

The deadline of the questionnaire is 26 November 2023.

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