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Project description and aims

IMPEL has been asked by the European Commission to expand and apply its regulatory capability into the Water & Land Expert Team. Effective water and land resource management (both quality and quantity) relies on good forward planning and delivery based on data, information and professional judgement. It is essential that economic growth in each Member State supports planned sustainable water & Land resource protection and utilization. Futhermore, ECA Initiative, promoted by the European Commission pose new challenges, in particular on point n.5 (Prepare guidance document(s) on good practices in environmental compliance assurance in rural areas (in relation to land and water)) that need to be investigated, discussed, to find out proposals to fulfill the ambitious IMPEL’s further evolution perspective.

Activities carried on, and experiences built in the water and land field need to be shared among IMPEL members. The annual Water and Land Conference is an instrument for a wide contact and discussion. click on the links for further information and reports:

Water and Land Conference 2023

Water and Land Conference 2022

Water and Land Conference 2019

Water and Land Conference 2018

Water and Land Conference 2017

Related files/information

  • Assessment and management of flood risks Directive 2007/60/EC
  • Communication (COM(2007) 414 final) – addressing water scarcity and droughts in the EU
  • Soil Tematic Stategy COM(2006) 231
  • EU proposal for a Soil Framework Directive
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) 2000/60/EC and daughter Directives
  • Common Agricultural Policy
  • Industrial Emission Directive (IED) 2010/75/UE
  • Copernicus EU Earth Programme (Regulation (EU) N° 377/2014)


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