Water & land expert team meeting



Project description and aims

The new IMPEL strategy provides for Expert Teams (ET), among which Water and Land Expert Team.
It is necessary that, at least once per year, members of the ET meet to discuss projects
outcomes, progress and future activities and the appointment of the ET Leader and Deputy Leader for 2017 and 2018.
The projects provide for a meeting, for a maximum of 20 persons, to be held back to back with a
conference; likely with the IMPEL Water Conference in the framework of SWETE 2 project.
The outcomes will be related to an increased strength of Expert Team, clear priorities, better defined programmes aiming to tackle water and land issues from the IMPEL’s point of view.

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Number: 2016/12 - 2017/16 – Status: Ongoing – Period: 2016 – Topic: Water and land - Tags:

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