Water and Land Remediation



Project description and aims

The contaminated sites management is a process that has different speeds in Members States. This is due partly on difference in legislation that would mean different definitions as for making some examples “potentially contaminated sites”, “contaminated sites”, “remediated sites”. For this reason, the European Commission-JRC launched an initiative with EEA-EIONET network to find common definitions and a survey in MS in 2018 ( that resulted in defining 6 site statuses.

The expected outcomes of this projects are:

  • Support/exchange technical experience required to make progress with the Remediation phase in Europe in order to enable those MS in which no procedure is currently taking place to have one reference.
  • To share knowledge, skills and good practices, producing technical guidance, coordinating action between countries.
  • To involve the main European Networks that deal with contaminated sites issues like COMMON FORUM, Eionet WG Contamination and NICOLE.

Final reports

The project team has released the following final reports in 2021, on In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) and Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) in several EU languages:

In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) report (EN)

Έκθεση για την επιτόπια χημική οξείδωση (ΕΤΧΟ),Τελική έκθεση (GR)

Ossidazione chimica in situ (ISCO) report (IT)

In situ chemische oxidatie (ISCO) (NL)

Utlenianie Chemiczne In Situ - raport (PL)

Raport privind Oxidarea Chimică in-situ (ISCO). (RO)

In Situ Kemična Oksidacija (In Situ Chemical Oxidation - ISCO) poročilo (SI)

In situ chemická oxidácia (ISCO), Záverečná správa (SK)

Yerinde Kimyasal Oksidasyon Raporu (TR)

Rapport sur l'oxydation chimique in situ (OCIS) (FR)

Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) report (EN)

Έκθεση για την εξαγωγή ατμών εδάφους. (GR)

Rapport sur l'extraction des vapeurs du sol (EVS). (FR)

Estrazione vapori da suolo (SVE) (IT)

Bodemlucht-Extractie -report (NL)

Ekstrakcja Par z Gruntu (SVE) - raport (PL)

Raport privind extracția vaporilor din sol (SVE). (RO)

Ekstrakcija talnih hlapov (Soil Vapour Extraction - SVE) poročilo (SI)

Extrakcia pôdneho vzduchu (SVE) (SK)

Toprak Gazı Ekstraksiyonu (SVE) Raporu (TR)

Draft reports

The project team is going to release draft reports on Multi Phase Extraction and Soil Washing in September 2022:

You are invited to submit your comments, share this possibility to your colleagues, using exclusively the commenting template. Comments could be general, technical, editorial. Reviewers names will be mentioned in the acknowledgement.

Comments/observations should be submitted using the reported formats not later than 21 October 2022 to Marco Falconi using the link below, with object “MPE comments” or “Soil Washing comments”.

Related files/information

• Soil Thematic strategy.
• COM(2006)231 final.
• Stockholm Convention (art. 6, last version).
• MINAMATA Convention on Mercury.
• No net land take by 2050 reported for the first time in the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, COM(2011) 571 final.

Number: 2021/08-WP6, 2020/09 – Status: Ongoing – Period: 2021 – Topic: Water and land - Tags: -

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