• Nature Protection Expert Team Meeting was held online on 23 November

    09 Dec, 2022

    The Nature Protection Expert Team Meeting took place online on 23rd of November. Focus of this event was to provide an update on IMPEL Projects that are running in 2022-2024 under the Nature Protection Expert Team. Vice Chair of IMPEL Jean Luc Perrin and Expert Team Leader Alfred Dreijer opened the meeting and the meeting was attended by 24 representatives from 11 countries and 2 NGOs. The agenda included presentations from the project managers of Nature Protection projects of IMPEL, proposals for future projects, results of implementation challenges survey and how to expand the network of nature protection team.

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  • Management of Mining Waste project meeting was held on 28-29th November

    06 Dec, 2022

    Management of Mining Waste Project aims to compare the transposition of the Directive by Member States in order to evaluate common guidelines for better management of extractive waste, also in agreement with the exploratory opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), which recommends to Member States to promote initiatives for the exploitation and use of "new fields" of raw materials, such as extractive waste.

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  • The 24th IMPEL General Assembly

    05 Dec, 2022

    The 24th IMPEL General Assembly

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  • Strategies for Verification of Self-Monitoring and Reporting on Air Emissions Workshop Report is now available

    05 Dec, 2022

    Under the umbrella of IMPEL Supporting IED Implementation Project 2021-2024, the VERIFICATION OF SELF-MONITORING AND REPORTING ON AIR EMISSIONS Workshop focused on Operator self-monitoring on emissions to air (continuous and non-continuous) and also focused on the reliability of self-monitoring and its reporting by operators (duty-holders). The project report from the workshop held in 2021 is now approved by IMPEL General Assembly and can be found here.

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  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation and Soil Vapour Extraction Reports are available in 11 languages

    05 Dec, 2022

    The contaminated sites management is a process that has different speeds in Members States. This is due partly on difference in legislation that would mean different definitions as for making some examples “potentially contaminated sites”, “contaminated sites”, “remediated sites”. For this reason, the European Commission-JRC launched an initiative with EEA-EIONET network to find common definitions and a survey in MS in 2018

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  • 4 Networks position paper on Environmental Crime Directive proposal

    22 Nov, 2022

    The 4 Networks, EUFJE - The European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment, ENPE - European Network of Prosecutors for the Environment, IMPEL - European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law and EnviCrimeNet, bringing together relevant parties - judges, prosecutors, regulators, inspectors, and police officers - to contribute to joint efforts to fight environmental crime, congratulate and welcome European Union authorities and institutions for all the work that led to the proposal for a new Environmental Crime Directive (ECD).

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  • A Step by Step Guidance for Permitting and Inspection by IMPEL

    21 Nov, 2022

    A Step by Step Guidance for Permitting and Inspection was produced between 2016 and 2018 by the Doing the Right Thing Project, a result from the cooperation between the Expert Teams Cross Cutting and Industry and Air.

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  • IMPEL Handbook – Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Inspections and Certification of Environmental Management Systems is now available

    16 Nov, 2022

    The climate emergency as well as an increasing awareness of the impact of plastic, biodiversity decline and now the impacts of a global pandemic & potential green recovery are having a profound impact on policy, how we regulate and on those that we regulate. That is the reason why IMPEL started its Climate Emergency Program in 2021.

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  • Water and Land Remediation conference 2022

    08 Nov, 2022

    Water and Land Remediation conference 2022

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  • The Industry & Air Expert Team Meeting took place on 25th October 2022

    07 Nov, 2022

    Industry and Air meeting Ghent 25th of October The Industry & Air Expert Team Meeting 2022 took place on 25th October, in Ghent and online. It was organised together by the Department of Environment and Spatial Development of the Flemish Government in Belgium under the umbrella of European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL). After the meeting almost all working groups had a meeting on 26th of October.

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