IMPEL for Sustainability



The project “IMPEL for sustainability-Heal the world” is to get insight in the interest of the IMPEL network on Education for sustainability topic. 

The primary objective would be to create a network of experts working together on the deployment of environmental education for sustainability reference in Europe for all educative community and citizenship in general, which comes to be called education for lifelong.

As objectives embedded in the previous:

  • Collaborate to take environmental education for sustainability beyond the classroom building bridges in times of Climate Urgency to broaden community efforts toward effective change.
  • Develop and share resources, materials and research on learning for environmental sustainability, identifying, recording and sharing good practice examples, including through existing online platforms and support the networking of national and other organizations active in education and environmental sustainability in formal and non-formal education and training.

The project is oriented on how IMPEL through the results of its projects can provide inputs to the educational fields of the university, professional training, high school, even to the earliest fields of environmental education (early childhood, primary and secondary), supporting the transformation of formal, non-formal and informal environmental educative sectors toward a new culture of sustainability and using environmental education to address the current human impacts of climate change, such as weather-related disasters and climate injustice, while creating and balancing a new world for the future.

The following eight specific areas would be worked on in the network, focusing mainly on the university, professional training and adult education (aimed at the different professional associations): Early childhood, Primary, Secondary, High school, Professional training, University, Non formal education and Adult education.

The project is aligned with the strategy of the Commission embodied in its proposal for a recommendation of 14 January 2022 on learning for environmental sustainability, which provides details on a new European competence framework that will contribute to the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to climate change and sustainable development. In addition, it undertakes, in collaboration with the Member States, to develop and exchange support materials and facilitate the exchange of good practices, among others. 

Therefore, it is also a reason for opportunity for IMPEL to work on this project: “together we can do it”.

Number: 2022(VIII) WG-6 – Status: Ongoing – Period: 2022 – Topic: Cross-cutting tools and approaches - Tags:

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