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Project description and aims

A large part of the work of the IMPEL Waste & TFS cluster is focusing on compliance of trans-boundary movement of waste. Because a large volume of waste shipments is destined for countries outside Europe it is important to have good contacts with the authorities in these destination countries. Most IMPEL members have minimal contact with these far away countries. Environmental damage such as e-waste dumping in Africa and plastic dumping in Asia is unfortunately quite common and we see a high number of structural illicit traffic taking place. The market is dynamic and as a result of recent political developments such as the import ban in China and European authorities struggle to keep up with what is the situation in practice. In these cases, international collaboration is essential.

Also, IMPEL Waste & TFS participants are facing differences between the European WSR and the Basel Convention such as the classification of waste and export and import restrictions. Furthermore, in case of an illegal shipment there is a lack of structural good collaboration between all the authorities of countries on different continents. Only good alignment and communication can prevent problems and illegal shipments, a level playing field, improve notification procedures, repatriations of waste to the country of origin and prosecution of waste crime.

To assist the members of IMPEL the Waste & TFS Expert Team aims to support the cluster and its projects with strategic structural efficient collaboration with the TFS networks outside Europe. An example of these networks is the Asian Network for prevention of illegal trans-boundary movement of hazardous wastes.

Desired output/outcome:

  • Conference reports, presentations, participant lists and contact persons.
  • Insight in applicable legislation in countries of destination and licenced facilities in countries of destination.
  • A better knowledge of each other’s possibilities and limitations in enforcement and prosecution of waste crime.
  • Assistance of IMPEL members in general or on a case by case-based situation.

Related files/information

  • 1st Basel Convention, European Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR).
  • 2nd Hong Kong Convention, European Ship Recycling Regulation.
  • 3rd Third country list European WSR.
  • 4th Waste Framework Directive.
  • 5th Extended Producer Responsibility (e.g. WEEE, Packaging).

Number: 2021/19-WP3, 2020/04 – Status: Ongoing – Period: 2020 – Topic: Waste and TFS - Tags:

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