Classifying Green List waste under the ‘Waste Shipments Regulation’

The purpose of the practical guidelines is to assist the enterprises and authorities that produce, process,
transport, export and control wastes in correctly evaluating those wastes. The guidelines thus aim to provide assistance in evaluations to be undertaken in connection with classification of waste in respect of the Waste Shipments Regulation. The contents represent the interpretation of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency of the underlying rules and are intended purely as guidance. In the case of disagreement on interpretation of the rules, the courts will decide.
Procedural requirements for shipments of waste will not be discussed in this publication. Reference material, with guidelines on procedures for importing/exporting waste, is available on the website of the Environmental Protection Agency. The Austrian guidelines on classification of wastes under the green list have provided considerable inspiration for the Danish guidelines. Many other EU Member States have created guidelines and detailed websites for the Waste Shipments Regulation, although most focus on the procedures relating to transboundary shipments.

The English translation of this guidelines was supported by the IMPEL Network.


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