• EUFJE Network Manager tender

    11 Nov, 2021

    The European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment (EUFJE) was created in 2004. The objective of the Forum is to contribute to better implementation and enforcement of national, European and international environmental law:

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  • Regional seminar on policies and tools for enforcement of environmental compliance

    09 Nov, 2021

    Information on a partner network event. This second regional seminar will provide its participants from the Eastern Partner (EaP) and OECD economies an opportunity to share and discuss findings of two environmental compliance assurance reviews of EaP countries, of Armenia and the Republic of Moldova, that the OECD carried out in 2020‑2021. It will also discuss characteristics of a clear and comprehensive environmental enforcement policy, tools at the disposal of authorities to enforce compliance, and the optimal combination of penalties for non-compliance.

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  • SAVE THE DATE! WORKSHOP End-of-waste and By-products: compliance with REACH. on 25th NOVEMBER 10:00h-17.00h CET

    09 Nov, 2021

    The interaction between REACH and Waste Framework Directive is often a critical issue both for operators and regulators. The workshop, organised under the umbrella of the IMPEL “Waste Management & Circular Economy” project,  would like to discuss when and how REACH comes into play when assessing by-product or end-of-waste status in practice and how operators and regulators can make sure that REACH is applied at the right moment in the right way in practice.

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  • 2022 IMPEL Secretariat tenders

    20 Oct, 2021

    Service adverts have just been agreed by the IMPEL Board for the secretariat for 2022-2024. There are five positions available.

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  • New tender for data collection app

    19 Oct, 2021

    The Europe Marine Transborder Transect for the monitoring of macro fauna and anthropogenic pressures project (Europe-MTT 2021), aims to start a process ending with European shared guidelines for monitoring cetacean and marine turtles and their threats, such as plastic and maritime traffic, within the framework of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive using large vessels as platforms of observation

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  • Call for case studies MPE and Soil Washing

    18 Oct, 2021

    In 2021, Water and Land Remediation will collect case studies for Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) and Soil Washing. Anybody that is interested to share the results of the application of one of the two mentioned technologies, are invited to submit it according to the following formats in MS word (no pdf) not later than 15 December 2021 to with the subject “MPE Case Study” or “Soil Washing Case Study”. If you have multiple case studies, prepare and send different files so that they are easier to process. You will be included as “Contributors”.

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  • Results of the Online Workshop on Operator self-monitoring air emissions: “More focus and exchange of good practices are the key”

    12 Oct, 2021

    Online Workshop on Operator self-monitoring air emissions was held on 28th September and 11th October, as part of the IMPEL Project Supporting IED Implementation 2021-2024, jointly organised by ARPA Sardegna (Italy) and IGAMAOT (Portugal). The workshop is focused on important topics such as Operator self-monitoring, on air emissions, continuous and non-continuous, in particular on the reliability of self-monitoring and its reporting by operators (duty-holders).

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  • Self monitoring and reporting workshops

    27 Sep, 2021

    Online Workshops on Operator self-monitoring air emissions will be held on 28th September and 11th October, organised by the IED Implementation IMPEL Project. The workshops will be focused on Operator self-monitoring, on emissions to air, continuous and non-continuous, focused on the reliability of self-monitoring and its reporting by operators (duty-holders).

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  • 21st IMPEL General Assembly – Lisbon

    12 Jul, 2021

    The 21st IMPEL General Assembly (GA) meeting took place virtually between 29-30 June 2021. Over 80 members and experts participated. The GA was chaired by Mr José Brito e Silva, Inspector-General of IGAMAOT, Ms Ana Garcia, IMPEL Portuguese coordinator from IGAMAOT and the Chair of IMPEL, Ms Kristina Rabe. The main focus for the GA was agreement of governance reform proposals and decision making procedures for the network.

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    01 Jul, 2021

    PROWhiBIT is a European LIFE funded project with an overarching goal to contribute to the circular economy package, waste management principles & targets and prevent, detect and disrupt Environmental Waste Crime. Within the project there is the need to “Report on the current state of affairs at international level for Environmental Waste Crime (EWC)”.

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