IMPEL Conference, 2018

2018 - 2018


IMPEL Next Generation Conference-Zwolle, 2018

After 2 consecutive years of organizing EU networks conferences (2016 Utrecht and 2017 Oxford), IMPEL recognized the need to hold a dedicated conference on the work, progress and way forward of the network, the 5 expert teams and their members; especially in relation to the Environmental Compliance Assurance Initiative by the European Commission.
The conference aims to:

  • Present the state of play of Operationalisation of the IMPEL Position /Ambitions Paper on ‘Environmental Compliance Assurance’ (2018)
  • Increase the (strategic) membership of IMPEL
  • Promote and disseminate IMPEL’s results and output
  • Discuss and present a multi annual strategic trainings and capacity building programme covering key areas identified as implementation gaps and needs
  • Discuss coordinated EU wide enforcement actions at various topics
  • Inform and align with stakeholders and strategic partners active in the compliance chain
  • Show case innovative new tools and actions to support IMPEL members in their work and responsibilities
  • Facilitate sharing of best practices, case studies and know-how.

The conference outcomes and outputs are:

  • Receive members’ input for the presented actions and ways forward to increase and assurance environmental compliance.
  • Increased profile of IMPEL among its members, stakeholders, partners and externally
  • Frameworks for multi annual training and capacity building programme, including areas, needs, tools and training curricula, funding, resources
  • Proposals for EU wide joint inspection actions and ways to implement them

You can find more information in the below links:

Number: 2018/21 – Status: Completed – Period: 2018 - 2018 – Topic: Cross-cutting tools and approaches - Tags:

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