Knowledge and Information Programme



In the last several years IMPEL and the European Commission have issued their positions concerning capacity building and consequently different IMPEL projects are now taking the initiative to develop their ideas on how to support its members in implementing the products that they deliver.

Building capacity is one of IMPEL’s core priorities and during the last two decades has developed a broad variety of tools, including methodologies and guidance. Supporting its members through various activities, such as training on the practical use of the developed tools as well as workshops and seminars is a common practice. 

IMPEL project ‘Capacity Building and Training’ (2019-2021) aimed to develop, through a more consistent, overarching and integrated approach, a multi-annual strategy and a multi-annual work programme that will better connect the needs of IMPEL members and other key actors along the compliance chain. 

The Knowledge and Information Programme (KIP) is a proof-of-concept project to demonstrate the value of Capacity Building and Training. KIP aims to deliver knowledge material, tools and training activities.

Number: 2022(VIII) WG-7 – Status: Ongoing – Period: 2022 – Topic: Cross-cutting tools and approaches - Tags: good practice , enforcement , Waste Shipments Directive , soil

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