Improving permitting and inspection of IPPC pig farming installations by developing practical guidance

2009 - 2013


Project description and aims

In 2009 a comparison programme on permitting and inspection of IPPC pig farming installations in IMPEL member countries was carried out (phase I). The project focused on five key issues: manure storage, manure spreading, animal housing system, air-abatement systems and odor assessment. The aim of the project in 2009 was to learn from each other, to exchange experiences and identify good practices.

The project showed that competent authorities in IMPEL member Countries Member States regulate pig farms in many different ways. This is both true for installations above and below the threshold in the IPPC directive (now the Industrial Emissions Directive). There is, for instance, a variety of systems on manure storage and on animal housing. IPPC permits issued by the Member States vary in their level of detail. Inspections vary in intensity and frequency. It became also apparent that measures not seldom have negative effects like leakages from manure lagoons.

The project report concluded that a further exchange of information between IMPEL members is important and the development of practical guidance for permit writers and inspectors would be desirable. This was done in phase II and III of the project.

Number: 2009/02 - 2011/09 - 2012/07 – Status: Completed – Period: 2009 - 2013 – Topic: Industry and air - Tags:

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