Tackling Illegal Activities Connected to Hunting Tourism



Project description and aims

In 2015 it was examined a good example of a ‘closed’ regulatory system under the hunting regulation in Slovenia, by soft and hard control measures which was found useful by several Member States. Therefore, a study inspection was organized in Slovenia in 2017 to see how the system was working in practice.
In 2019-2020 an online questionnaire has been sent out to inspectorates from member countries, Birdlife members and Face-members. Based on the analysis of the reply on the questionnaire two countries will be selected for a joint inspection in 2021.

Expected outcomes:

  • Report-analysis of the scope of the problem according to illegal hunting tourism based on three different point of views (Authorities – Birdlife partners – FACE partners).
  • Exchange of (enforcement) information the lead to a joint inspection in the field of hunting tourism and to investigate illegalities.
  • Extend the network of inspectors working together.
  • Identify good practice in enforcement that can contribute to prevent illegal activities connected to hunting tourism.

Number: 2021/09, 2020/17, 2019/14, 2018/13 – Status: Ongoing – Period: 2018 – Topic: Nature protection - Tags:

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