Risk criteria database (IRAM)

On 6 January 2011 the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) entered into force, and its provisions listed in Article 80(1) had to be transposed into national law within two years. The IED sets new requirements on the inspection of industrial installations as described in Article 23 of the Directive. The obligations on routine environmental inspections constitute a new challenge for the EU member states. IMPEL has already developed an Integrated Risk Assessment Method (IRAM) within the IMPEL easyTools project, as instrument to help member states to fulfil requirements of Article 23 of IED. Developing an Integrated Risk Assessment Method (IRAM) and the related IT tool, made it clear that a risk assessment tool should be used not only for IED inspections but also for inspections under the Seveso Directive and the RMCEI.

Risk Criteria Database

As part of the project, an access database was developed containing a collection of risk criteria used by environmental authorities throughout the EU.


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