• Financial Provision for Environmental Liabilities – Practical Guide

    This practical guide is intended as a reference document for regulators. It does not prescribe what a regulator should do. Instead, it aims to provide information to assist regulators in making better decisions about financial provision for environmental obligations and liabilities. In this way, it should contribute to improved protection of the environment and the public purse, promote compliance with the polluter pays principle and encourage operator investment in pollution prevention. The guide identifies issues to consider in the decision-making process when assessing financial provision, and assists regulators and other users in finding successful solutions. It also highlights the importance of ongoing maintenance and monitoring of financial provision to ensure successful delivery of that financial provision when required and provides examples of usage and guidance internationally.

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  • Doing the right things methodology for permitting – Comparison

    Doing the right things for environmental permitting is an ongoing project (2016-2018) that looks closely at the relation between permitting and inspection, identify interesting case studies and best practices in Europe and identify and describe the steps that could be used in permitting procedures.

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  • Nature protection in permitting and inspection of industrial installations

    This report/tool focuses especially on clarification of screening criteria, assessment of significant effects, the assessment of cumulative impacts and, if possible mechanisms put in place to check compliance with permit conditions regarding mitigation measures established under Art. 6(3). In relation to dealing with Natura 2000 in permitting and inspection of industrial installations the project identified some good practices as described in the report.

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  • Good practices in energy efficiency in permitting and inspections

    This document provides an overview of good practices in relation to dealing with energy efficiency in permitting and inspection procedures.

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  • Treatment of waste before landfilling according to art. 6 of the Landfill Directive

    This Report provides the results of the section of the IMPEL Landfill Project focused on the implementation by EU Member States of art.6 of Directive 1999/31/EC on the landfill of waste, in order to investigate the situation in Member States as regards the landfilling of untreated waste. A survey was preliminary circulated.

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