• Управни одбор тима стручњака за индустрију и ваздухопловство ИМПЕЛ-а састао се у Бриселу и имао састанак са Европском комисијом

    10 Apr, 2023

    У Бриселу су се 3. и 4. априла састали сви лидери радних група Експертског тима за индустрију и ваздухопловство. Разговарали су о напретку својих група и размишљали о следећем циклусу пројекта 2025-2027. У наредним месецима пре лета, већина радних група ће имати своје Ф2Ф састанке, а многе од њих ће такође организовати посету градилишту или заједничку инспекцију. Многи од њих ће такође организовати кратак вебинар убрзо након састанка на коме се могу придружити сви чланови ИМПЕЛ-а, па пратите ИМПЕЛ вести. Ако сте заинтересовани за неку тему, обратите се вођи радне групе. Лидери радних група су говорили и о хибридном састанку експертског тима 17. и 18. октобра 2023. у Штутгарту, где ће се окупити све радне групе.

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  • ИМПЕЛ Имплементатион оф Бирд анд Хабитат Дирецтивес ат Еуропеан Аеродромес Пројецт је направио своју прву посету аеродрому

    04 Apr, 2023

    Аеродроми покривају значајан део Европе, раштркани по целом континенту, угошћујући широк спектар европских биљних и животињских врста. Неке од ових животиња, посебно тешке и/или јата врсте птица и других животиња, представљају једну од највећих опасности за ваздухопловство. Приликом судара са авионом (судар ваздухоплова – дивљачи), птице и друге животиње могу угрозити безбедност ваздухоплова, његове посаде и путника (и људи који живе у близини аеродрома и шире).

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  • IRI Iceland 2023

    30 Mar, 2023

    IMPEL got back underway with its IRI programme with a review of the Environment Agency Iceland (EAI) in Iceland from 14-17 March 2023

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  • IMPEL Wastewater in Natural Environment (WiNE) Project Team made a site visit in Murcia, Spain

    30 Mar, 2023

    On 23 March 2023, under the IMPEL Project Wastewater in Natural Environment (WiNE), the project team went to the region of Murcia, Spain, to visit wastewater treatment plants/reclamation plants that produce water for crops irrigation. The main goal of the visit was to understand and identify best practices on water reuse and how in an area with high scarcity, the extensive fresh vegetables production is possible due to reclaimed waters.

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  • Results of IMPEL Water and Land Remediation Project were presented at Intersol Conference

    28 Mar, 2023

    Water and Land Remediation Project Manager Marco Falconi attended the 22nd Intersol Conference that is taking place in Lille from 28 to 30 March 2023. The Conference focuses on 6 major themes including sustainable soil management, treatment of pollutants in soil, biodiversity and environmental risks. Marco Falconi presented the results of IMPEL Water and Land Remediation Project at the Conference on 28 March 2023 under Sustainable Soil Management - How to achieve and promote strategic, ambitious and sustainable soil management?: Soils multifunctionality Session.

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  • Financial Provisions for Environmental Liabilities Practical Guide

    20 Mar, 2023

    The impact of direct environmental incidents as well as business insolvency resulting in risk to the environment must be protected against. In cases where there is either an environmental incident which results in actual/potential harm to the environment or where a company becomes insolvent and can no longer meet its obligations, suitable financial provision can mitigate or prevent an impact on both the environment and/or the public purse.

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  • IMPEL Open Day was held online on 1-2 March 2023

    09 Mar, 2023

    The IMPEL Open Day was held online on 1-2 March 2023. This online event was addressed to every interested person belonging to public environmental bodies and was attended by more than 300 participants from various countries and organisations.

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  • IMPEL National Peer Review Initiative Project

    07 Mar, 2023

    The project aims at setting the basis for the development of autonomous Peer Review activities in National Networks of Environmental Authorities and Agencies. It can be used as an instrument to improve own performances through dialog, collaborative confrontation and sharing of good practices among the peers belonging to the same network. The NPRI has been recognised as a powerful tool to support the implementation of the EU ECA initiative, in particular because of its potential to apply good and best practices and its contribution to harmonisation in the execution of tasks and responsibilities by authorities. The NPRI project involves 20 institutions from 15 European countries that are part of IMPEL.

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  • Water and Land Remediation project - Submission of case studies

    03 Mar, 2023

    The deadline to submit case studies for Thermal Desorption and Phytoremediation has been extended to 17th March 2023.

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