Enforcement Actions

2015 - 2018


Project description and aims

The Enforcement Actions project was set up for the following reasons:

  • Competent authorities expressed the need for a formalised project framework in order to integrate enforcement inspections in their own countries;
  • International cooperation is essential to tackle international environmental problems; and
  • The network of enforcers in the field needs to be maintained and extended to cover all Member States to ensure an effective inspection regime.

The Enforcement Actions project series have formed the bedrock of practical activity of the IMPEL-TFS cluster for some time. The outcomes and data provided by the project are seen as very important by the European Commission and were used in its recent impact assessment for the revision of the Waste Shipment Regulation (660/2014). UNEP has also used its data and guidance to inform its work and produce reports. Interpol has also leant on the project to implement its activities.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Work towards an adequate level of inspections in all Member States and a consistent level of enforcement at all exit points of the EU
  • Promote site inspections at points of loading and encourage a cradle-to-grave approach to inspection to minimise illegal shipments
  • Verify waste destination and the treatment at their destination within or outside Europe;
  • Provide an easily accessible European enforcement project for all co-operate with each other, and also with other regulatory authorities, e.g. Police and Customs;
  • Detect illegal shipments and deter future ones through effective communication and guidance;
  • Facilitate take-back procedures after an illegal shipment has taken place and,
  • Demonstrate that the Member States take the enforcement of the WSR seriously.


Number: 2015/05 - 2016/04 - 2017/05 - 2018/04 – Status: Completed – Period: 2015 - 2018 – Topic: Waste and TFS - Tags:

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