Seminar series on ‘Lessons learnt from industrial accidents’



Project description and aims

Data collection and analysis concerning industrial accidents is necessary in order to prevent new accidents. Inspectors need to have illustrations of accidental situations, in order to understand what happened indeed and which measures were finally taken in such situations.

Since 1999, a number of seminars on lessons learnt have been held in order to ease the dissemination and exchange of information between inspecting bodies of the Member States. During these meetings, inspectors present selected accidents by giving technical descriptions and the results of the analysis carried out (measures taken, organisational failures, systems or material that failed etc.). They also detail the lessons learnt from the accidents and their own experience during or following the accident. A short review of the applicable regulation, judicial or organizational subjects is possible. Time is left for discussion between participants.

The aim of these series of seminars is there for to continue sharing experience on accidents (explosions, fires, pollution, etc.) concerning both technical aspects and applicable regulations and reinforcing the exchange of experience between Member State inspection bodies, as well as promoting the development of good practices.

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Number: 2021/02, 2019/03, 2017/03, 2015/02, 2013/04, 2011/10, 2009/01, 2005/11, 2003/01, 2002/03, 2001/03, 2000/09, 1999/01 – Status: Ongoing – Period: 1999 – Topic: Industry and air - Tags:

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