TFS Seaport project I-II

2003 - 2006


Project description and aims

The aim of these projects was the improvement of the European enforcement of waste shipment regulation as laid down in EU Regulation 259/93 and the Basel convention, by improved cooperation between the enforcement authorities.

The projects identified several levels of improvement. A network of enforcers in the participating ports was formed and expanded in the second phase. This network is used to exchange information about violations of the regulation, differences in interpretations and enforcement knowledge. More important, the network was used to plan actual joint enforcement activities. Standard methods of enforcement were developed and used, joint priorities were established and joint actions were performed. Thus, the project made an important contribution to both the integrity of the Internal (waste) Market and the environmental aims behind European waste shipment regulation. A second project will follow in the near future, building on the experience gained in the first project and on an increased number of participating ports.

Number: 2003/05 - 2005/08 – Status: Completed – Period: 2003 - 2006 – Topic: Waste and TFS - Tags:

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