IMPEL Wastewater in Natural Environment (WiNE) Project Team made a site visit in Zilina, Slovakia

29 Nov, 2023

As part of the IMPEL project WiNE (Wastewater in Natural Environment), a site visit to a pulp and paper mill (Mondi SCP a.s.) took place in Ružomberok (Zilina), Slovakia, on 23-24 November 2023. The event was attended by eight environmental experts from Belgium, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. 


The experts had the opportunity to visit the plant, where they learned about the production of pulp and paper in the Mondi Group around the world, the different types of paper produced, the technologies used and some of the environmental activities promoted by the company to involve the community in the preservation of the environment. 

They were also shown how water is used and how wastewater is treated in the production of pulp and paper (paper from virgin and recycled pulp). The visit also allowed team members to compare observations with results from previous phases of the project. 

The experts also had the opportunity to visit the Paper Museum to learn about the history of the production of this material, which began in China through the recovery of fibres from old clothes, i.e., a "circular process". 

Finally, there was a discussion among the team members about the work to be carried out during 2024 and the preparation of the final conference. With regard to the core theme of the project, the possible challenges posed by new European legislation (e.g. the Drinking Water Directive and the Regulation on Water Reuse) or legislation in the process of being recast (e.g. the Urban Waste Water Directive, the Industrial Emissions Directive and the Environmental Crimes Directive) were also briefly discussed. 


Click here for more information on WiNE Project. 

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