Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro joins IMPEL

07 Nov, 2023

IMPEL is pleased to announce that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Montenegro has now joined IMPEL as new member. This was agreed unanimously in a written procedure of the General Assembly.

The Republic of Montenegro is the only European Country declared as an ecological state by its constitution. The ecological state targets sustainable development through ecological transition. Montenegro is a candidate country for membership of the European Union. 

The EPA is responsible for implementation of environmental protection legislation and it performs numerous professional and administrative tasks in this field. The EPA’s mission is to actively improve the ecological status of Montenegro thus serving nature, health and economic interests of current and future generations. 

Membership of IMPEL and participation in its projects provides a unique opportunity for the EPA to enhance its national environmental governance framework. 

This brings the total membership of IMPEL to 59 authorities from 38 countries.

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