IMPEL National Peer Review Initiative Project

07 Mar, 2023

The project aims at setting the basis for the development of autonomous Peer Review activities in National Networks of Environmental Authorities and Agencies. It can be used as an instrument to improve own performances through dialog, collaborative confrontation and sharing of good practices among the peers belonging to the same network. The NPRI has been recognised as a powerful tool to support the implementation of the EU ECA initiative, in particular because of its potential to apply good and best practices and its contribution to harmonisation in the execution of tasks and responsibilities by authorities. The NPRI project involves 20 institutions from 15 European countries that are part of IMPEL.

NPRI Project Team is currently supporting Romania, Portugal and Slovakia. Italy and the Netherlands are improving their NPR schemes also thanks the achievement of the project, and other Countries, such as North Macedonia, Serbia and Greece are evaluating the implementation of a NPR in their nation.

The team visited Romania in July 2022 and February 2023 and Portugal in October 2022 to support their implementation of national peer reviews. They will deliver reports describing NPRI implementation in these countries in 2023.

NPRI Project Team will be organising a seminar on 21-22 March 2023 in Rome to inform the IMPEL community and other institutions involved in environmental protection about the NPRI methodology, to showcase experiences and developments, and to give IMPEL members the opportunity to interact with the project, and to organise the implementation of an NPRI in their countries. For more information on the NPRI Seminar click here (only for IMPEL members).

For more information on IMPEL National Peer Review Initiative (NPRI) Project click here.

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