26th IMPEL GA elects new Chair and Vice Chairs

06 Dec, 2023

On 29-30 November, the IMPEL General Assembly (GA) elected a new Chair and two new Vice Chairs for a two year period, starting in 2024. 

The GA elected Marco Falconi from Italy as the new Chair of the Network. Florije Kqiku from Kosovo was elected as Vice Chair Administration and Finance and Rob Kramers was elected as Vice Chair for projects. Marco said: “I am very honoured to be elected IMPEL Chair. Our objective is to expand upon the achievements of recent years and confront novel challenges, fostering the sharing of experiences among all practitioners within IMPEL, and cooperating with the EC and our partner networks (ENPE, EUFJE, ENVICRIMENET). I am confident that our network will excel in promoting environmental compliance in Europe in the upcoming years.”

The GA to place online and also approved changes in Expert Team (ET) leadership:

•             ET Industry and Air – New Deputy Team leader - Paula Vehmaanperä from Finland

•             ET Nature – Renewal of ET leader, Alfred Dreijer and Deputy, Cristian Trupina

•             ET Waste and TFS – New Expert Team Leader for 2024-25: Bojan Počkar, New Deputy for 2024: Helge Ziolkowski and New Deputy for 2025: Huib Van Westen

IMPEL would like to thank the current Chair Ana Garcia and Vice Chairs Jean-Luc Perrin and Bojan Počkar for their hard work and dedication over the last two years and also thank the other nominated volunteers for coming forward.

At the GA, six completed projects were approved and the final reports will shortly be uploaded on the IMPEL website. The reports were:

•       Final report - Integrated Risk Assessment Method II (IRAM II)

•       Final Report - Non Routine Inspections 

•       Final report - Lessons Learnt from Industrial Accidents 

•       The final report, guideline and mini conference report for Trend Reversal in Groundwater Pollution 

•       Final Report - Management of Mining Waste 

•       Final Report - IMPEL Mini Conference on Compliance Assurance 2022 

 There was a useful session on external engagement, with updates on policy developments from the European Commission as well as updates from our partner networks, EUFJE, ENPE, EnviCrimeNet and the EPA Network. 

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