IMPEL Water and Land project overview: 2022 and beyond – access webinar’s presentations and video

31 Jan, 2022

Online Webinar on IMPEL Water and Land project overview: 2022 and beyond was held on 26th January 2021, as part of the IMPEL Expert Team Water and Land.

The main objective of the webinar was the environmental compliance promotion through expert team networking by sharing the results of IMPEL Water and Land projects to a larger number of authorities and experts.

The IMPEL W&L Expert Team is running a number of projects in 2022 focused to foster environmental compliance in several fields, funded by the European Commission and by the membership of 55 institutions in 36 EU countries. The expert team is reaching out to relevant experts with the aim to share knowledge and practical experience for the development of harmonized processes and procedures for a better environment. Water and land are a fundamental heritage to support the life of current future generations on our Planet. IMPEL Water and Land projects are aiming to support and improve the environmental practitioners in their day-to-day work by sharing relevant information and policy instruments from the European Commission with emphasis on the implementation aspects, specifically with solutions for putting the law into practice.

The event allowed the team and interested parties to overview the current status of the projects and their main areas of focus for the remaining year. The webinar was attended by more than 200 participants from various countries and organizations, which contributed to a very productive and fruitful discussion.

IMPEL is willing to organize a face-to-face Water and Land conference between the 11th and 13th of October 2022 in Lisbon with possibilities for participants to join also remotely.

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