23rd General Assembly

29 Jun, 2022

Almost 80 participants from 35 countries participated in the 23rd IMPEL General Assembly, held online from 28-30 June.
The GA is the main decision-making body in IMPEL. It unanimously approved an application from the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) to join the network. This relatively new agency has a unique role in France on tackling issues such as pollution and wildlife trafficking so will be a valuable addition. This brings the total number of members of the network to 56 from 36 Countries.
The GA approved the following final reports that will be uploaded to the website soon:
2020/12 Sustainable landspreading final report 
2021/13 End of life ships final report 
2021/08 NPRI 3 final report
2021/19 WTFS Annual Conference final report
2021/06 Plastic Waste Shipments Project - A Guide for Inspectors: Enforcing national legislation on plastic waste shipments final report
2020/09 Water and Land Remediation – 18 translations (9 ISCO and 9 SVE Technology)
2021/15 CAED Final report (Folder includes webinar summary, presentations and training package)
2021/17 IMPEL Climate Emergency programme – Cooperation in the field of environmental inspection and certification of environmental management systems
2021/04 Report on activities - Waste Management and Circular Economy
2021/18 Implementation challenges 2021 final report
The Network also agreed a new multi annual strategic programme that will run from 2022-2027. This sets the direction for the next 6 years for IMPEL, with new priorities and actions.
In addition to these decisions, the GA also heard from expert teams on their main activities, was updated on IMPEL participation in a range of external events and heard from DG Environment about the latest policy developments.
More details on all these developments to come soon!

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