IMPEL Supporting IED Implementation Project organised a Joint inspection at a paper pulp plant in Sweden

22 Dec, 2022

The working group inspection and prevention from ET industry and air organised their 14th joint inspection at a pulp and paper plant in Sweden on 8-9 December 2022. This was the first joint inspection after Corona. Inspectors from Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland joined the inspection and an inspector from UK was involved in the preparations.

The inspection team mainly focused on odour, wastewater treatment, derogations, other than normal operating conditions (OTNOC) and Legionella. 

The joint inspection team presented their major findings with almost 30 interested persons around Europe during a short webinar on 19th of December 2022. A good practice the team came across to prevent complaints was that operators in Sweden communicated directly with the public before an event that could cause inconveniences in local newspapers, social media etc. Another one was that short, regular digital meetings between operator and supervisory authority may be a good complement to supervision. Interesting to see that Sweden and Finland focussed more on self-monitoring by companies and also the way inspection data is collected varied. In Finland, all info is stored nationally and in the Netherlands on the other hand each region has its own data system. There were more differences. 

Very interesting and also inspiring to hear from each other how and why these valid IED implementations were done. Another example that there are more solutions to a ‘’problem’’. 

For more information on IMPEL Supporting IED Implementation Project click here.

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