Joint Inspection by IMPEL Public Nuisance Project Team

01 Jun, 2023

Under the IMPEL Supporting IED Implementation Project, Public Nuisance Working Group organised a Project Team Meeting and a joint inspection at a pulp and paper mill in Finland on 15-16 May 2023. Inspectors from Portugal, Spain, Germany and Finland joined.

The Working Group is looking into the problems of public nuisance caused by industrial installations. At the moment, they are working on problems related to odours.

On 15 May 2023, the Working group had a meeting to discuss odour issues, complaint management in different countries and the results of the survey that they conducted.

They visited the pulp and paper mill in Kotka on 16 May 2023. They mainly focused on places of origin of the odour (what, where and why), how to deal with odours, how to monitor and how to react public complaints. 

The joint inspection team organised a webinar on 22 May 2023. The presentation by the joint inspection team included their preparation for inspections, their findings and best practices. 

For more information on IMPEL Supporting IED Implementation Project click here.

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