Joint Workshop by the IMPEL Marine Transborder Transects-MTT project and the LIFE Conceptu Maris project

12 May, 2023

For many years, several research bodies have worked on monitoring cetaceans using large vessels and ferries as platform of observations. There is a strong need for all the team leaders of the different research bodies to meet and strengthen the collaboration, the best practices, and the improvement of the common research and shared monitoring protocol as well as expanding the survey coverage. IMPEL Europe Marine Transborder Transect (MTT) Project aims to link together the two networks (Mediterranean and Atlantic) expanding the networks to the southern countries of the Mediterranean Region in order to strengthen the implementation of environmental law in Europe.

On 17 April 2023, IMPEL Europe Marine Transborder Transect (MTT) Project organised a workshop jointly with the LIFE Conceptu Maris Project. More than 40 participants attended the "Networking and transfering workshop on Harmonising and improving EU transborder monitoring of cetacean using ferries/cargos as multidisciplinary research vessels to support the EU Environmental Legislative Framework-Crossing the trails of the cetaceans " held in O'Grove (Galicia-ES) during the ECS conference.

IMPEL members, EU state representatives, researchers, and environmental officers joined the workshop.

Starting from the main advancements reached by two wide range projects, the IMPEL EU MTT and the LIFE CONCEPTU MARIS, the workshop aimed at improving the sharing of experiences with other projects and initiatives, delineating new perspectives for a large-scale international cooperation.

Click here for more information on IMPEL Europe MTT Project.

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