IMPEL Industry and Air Expert Team Steering Committee met in Brussels and had a meeting with the European Commission

10 Apr, 2023

On 3rd and 4th of April, all working group leaders of the Expert Team Industry and Air met in Brussels. They discussed the progress of their groups and had a brainstorm about the next project cycle in 2025-2027.  In the following months before summer, most of the workings groups will have their F2F meetings and many of them will also organise a site visit or a joint inspection. Many of them will also organise a short webinar shortly after their meeting where all IMPEL members can join, so keep your eye on the IMPEL news. If you are interested in a subject, please contact the working group leader. Working group leaders also talked about the hybrid Expert Team Meeting on 17th and 18th of October 2023 in Stuttgart, where all working groups will come together. 

Finally, there was an election for the new Expert Team Leader because Jaakko Vesivalo will be retiring soon. Marinus Jordaan from the Netherlands was elected as the new Expert Team Leader and Jamie McGeachy from Scotland as the deputy. 

On 4th of April, the steering committee met with several members of DG Environment of the European Commission. Every 6 months they meet, but this was the first F2F meeting ever! It was an interesting information exchange in a positive atmosphere with several follow up joint possibilities. There will be many new challenges from the soon to be updated Industrial Emissions Directive and Air Directive. 

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