A Step by Step Guidance for Permitting and Inspection by IMPEL

21 Nov, 2022

A Step by Step Guidance for Permitting and Inspection was produced between 2016 and 2018 by the Doing the Right Thing Project, a result from the cooperation between the Expert Teams Cross Cutting and Industry and Air.

The Environmental Inspection Cycle is well known within IMPEL. It describes step by step how Environmental inspections should be planned and what to consider when undertaking inspections. 

Although there is a lot of experience in Europe in environmental permitting (first IPPC and later IED), the permitting procedure has never been described in a step-by-step guidance. As a result, there is no level playing field for the procedures of environmental permitting, there is no guidance for new permitting officers and there is less cohesion between the IMPEL initiatives on permitting.

IMPEL’s Step by Step Guidance for Permitting and Inspection is a combined guidance for permitting and inspection.

In this guidance the following steps are covered: Legislation; Implementation; and Evaluation and feedback. The implementation step represents Permitting and Inspection. 

The guidance should be used in combination with the technical guidance from the European Commission that are already in place (and the formal/ informal Expert Groups), and the guidance already in place / under development in each country. The guidance is written for inspectors, permit writers, their management but also for policy makers. Click here to download the guidance.

IMPEL’s ongoing project ‘Supporting IED Implementation’ will soon start to amend the guidance document using the latest outcomes of this project. Additional contribution from interested experts is more than welcome. Click here for information on Supporting IED Implementation Project.

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