IMPEL Waste Management and Circular Economy Workshop was held on 13-14 December in Lisbon

02 Jan, 2023

The IMPEL “Waste Management and Circular Economy” (WMCE) project is moving through the waste hierarchy steps, in order to achieve a common understanding of the key points of the Waste Framework Directive and homogenise behaviours across Member States. The project has already produced guidance documents related to the waste hierarchy steps in the previous phases of the project.

The Guidance ‘Making the Circular Economy Work’ was launched in 2019. The guidance was developed to support regulators, policy- and law-makers and businesses in enabling and carrying through such innovations and rise to some of the commonly shared challenges. It is a living document that will be further revised with the results of the working groups under the running WMCE project in 2022-2024. Click here to download the guidance document.

The Project Team organised a workshop on 13-14 December 2022 in Lisbon, hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action (MAAC). 24 participants from 13 countries attended on site and many more participants joined the event online. The workshop started with a general overview of the ongoing project with an insight to all the running subgroups:

  • New circular business models and By-products
  • REACH & Circular economy
  • IED & Circular economy
  • End-of-waste Database
  • Training on waste management & Circular economy
  • Waste incineration
  • Landfill Guidance

A new subgroup was also presented for 2023: Waste recycling risk based inspection Plan. 

A workshop on the concepts of End-of-waste and By-products was also included, with Country presentations given by the attendees. All the presentations can be found at the Basecamp folder (only for IMPEL members).

Waste Management and Circular Economy Project will be producing more guidance documents, tools and training materials in 2023 and 2024 for enforcement authorities. Additional contribution from interested experts from IMPEL members is more than welcome. Click here for information on Waste Management and Circular Economy Project.

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