New IMPEL member!

13 Jul, 2022

The French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) is a public institution dedicated to the protection and restoration of biodiversity in Metropolitan France and its Overseas Territories, under the supervision of the ministries responsible for Ecology and Agriculture & Food.

This relatively new agency (created in 2020) has a unique role in France on tackling issues such as pollution and wildlife trafficking. It is a public institution under the authority of the ministries responsible for Ecology and Agriculture & Food.

The OFB has five complementary roles:

  • Sharing knowledge, research and expertise about species, habitats and their uses
  • Environmental and wildlife health policing
  • Supporting the implementation of public policies
  • Assisting and supporting protected natural area managers
  • Supporting stakeholders and mobilising civil society

The OFB was approved as a new member of IMPEL at the 23rd IMPEL General Assembly in France on 28-29 June 2022. It will be a valuable addition to the IMPEL Network.

This brings the total number of members of the network to 56 from 36 Countries.

OFB Website

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