State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine joins IMPEL

19 Apr, 2023

IMPEL is pleased to announce that the State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine (SEI) has now joined IMPEL as new member. This was agreed unanimously in a written procedure of the General Assembly. 


The SEI is the central executive state body, coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through the Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine and implements the state policy on state supervision (control) in the field of environmental protection of natural resources and executing environmental control.


Mr Ihor Zubovych, Acting Head of the SEI of Ukraine said in the application “Due to the Environmental part of Recovery Plan of Ukraine, reforming of the environmental control system of Ukraine is one of the highlights, so EU experience and practical approaches are more than useful and significant for their adaptation and implementation in the environmental sphere. Consequently, we expect that our membership will make legislation and principles of activity of the SEI of Ukraine closer to EU legislation and principles of activity of the EU environmental inspections This work may bring us closer to the fulfillment of the Association Agreement EU – UA, that is one paramount principles of the activity of all the state bodies of Ukraine”

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