Trend Reversal in Groundwater Pollution project meeting was held on 11th October

19 Oct, 2022

In association with the IMPEL Water & Land Conference in Lisbon, the IMPEL project group on „Trend reversal in groundwater pollution“ held its final meeting for 2022 on 11 October. The meeting was „hybrid“ with most participants being on-site in Lisbon. Presentations were given on nitrate pollution and measures for trend reversal in Germany (State of Hessen), Denmark and England as well as on the reduction of groundwater pollution with pesticides in Northern Italy. The project participants are currently working on the draft of an IMPEL guideline on „trend reversal“ that should contain best practice examples, recommendations and other useful information for administrative regulators. Additional collaborators from other countries are still welcome. It is envisaged to finalize the work on the guideline and its translation in the autumn of 2023.

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