IMPEL Ship Recycling Project organised their first webinar on 28th November 2022

21 Dec, 2022

The IMPEL Ship Recycling Project aims to improve the collaboration between environmental and maritime authorities involved in this field. Different EU legislation and related competences make implementation, supervision and enforcement challenging. To preventing illegal shipments guidance material for authorities and other stakeholders involved will be developed and capacity building for inspectors and other stakeholders is organized. Also, the cooperation with other institutions, agencies, networks within and outside the EU as with non-governmental bodies will be explored.

The Project Team organised a webinar on the 28th of November 2022. A total of 17 participants gathered and discussed the problems within implementation of the Ship Recycling Regulation (SRR). Participants from Maritime and Environmental Agencies were both represented. Also, two participants represented the NGO Shipbreaking Platform. In total 10 different nationalities participated in the webinar.


The SRR is under evaluation and the IMPEL project is following the work. The project wanted therefore to organise this type of webinar in order to map problem areas.

 The webinar participants had the opportunity to raise issues and ask questions, and the following discussions were constructive and had a problem-solving focus. Issues related to supervision (port state control), as well as the scope of SRR, the reflagging problem, ownership (for example definition of owner), and the owner’s responsibilities, the EU-list, demands for ship recycling facilities and much more were discussed.

For more information on IMPEL Ship Recycling project click here.

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