Self monitoring and reporting workshops

27 Sep, 2021

Online Workshops on Operator self-monitoring air emissions will be held on 28th September and 11th October, organised by the IED Implementation IMPEL Project. The workshops will be focused on Operator self-monitoring, on emissions to air, continuous and non-continuous, focused on the reliability of self-monitoring and its reporting by operators (duty-holders).

A credible self-monitoring scheme would decrease burdens of inspection, improve chances for a swift detection of breaches and thus help to limit environmental damages making authorities action more efficient. Timely and effective data evaluation by competent authorities, permitters and inspectors could lead to targeted action, to ensure correction, prevention and sanctioning of offences, but also revisions, suspensions and revocations of permits.

In this workshop, that will be attended by representatives from national and European authorities and experts, we will have presentations from concrete case studies and/or best practice on the topic of air emissions self-monitoring, namely:

  • Good Practices and bottlenecks;
  • Quality and representativeness of the samplings and analysis/Reliability of data;
  • Dealing with non-compliances detected in self-monitoring.

Specific situations related to self–monitoring and reporting will be evaluated.

The full agenda is available under Self Monitoring Agenda 

For further information and to register, please email;

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